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Trade NYSE and NASDAQ shares via MT5

MetaTrader5 is a versatile trading system which supports multiple trading strategies.

This multi-functional trading platform offers technical & fundamental analysis tools, and enables the use of automated trading systems (trading robots).


  • MT5 supports all types of orders including market, limit, stop, stop-limit, and trailing stop orders.
  • Place and change your pending orders directly from the chart. Delete them with just one click.
  • Simultaneously place a limit for profit and protective orders limiting losses while opening a position.
  • The one-click trading option offers a quick order entry.

Professional Technical Analysis Tools

  • The most popular technical indicators are built into the terminal.
  • Wide range of analytical drawing tools.
  • Real-time quotes, market depth and market watch.
  • Easily set up stock alerts for a particular price movement, so you won’t miss any trading opportunities.
  • Charts allow you to visually monitor quotes of financial instruments in real time, with different chart templates and profiles, as well as tick charts - indispensable for fast transactions.

Fundamental Analysis Tools

  • Structured RSS feed includes political and economic events which may have a possible impact on financial instruments.
  • The economic calendar provides publications of macroeconomic indicators, upcoming events and forecast values.

Algorithmic Trading

  • MT5 Trading robots analyze prices and perform operations, without any human involvement.
  • Any trader can develop a trading robot using MetaQuotes Language 5 (MQL5), a high-level language designed to develop technical indicators, trading robots and utility applications, which automate financial trading.
  • Thousands of trading robots and indicators are available for free in the Library (Code Base). Direct access to the Library is built into the platform.
  • MetaTrader Market is the largest store of applications for the MetaTrader platform. You can also place orders for the development of automated trading programs.
  • MT5 Strategy Tester provides testing of automated robot performance using historical quote data.

Trade History Report

  • A unique built-in function which displays all transactions for a designated period and analyzes trade efficiency.
  • Save reports to analyze them later.

Virtual Hosting

  • Round-the-clock operation of the trading platform, even when your computer is turned off.
  • Rent a hosting directly from the terminal in a few clicks.
  • Minimum network ping to your broker’s trading server.

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